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Try these 10 steps of exercise accountability

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Try these 10 steps of exercise accountability

Sweating it out on the treadmill or lifting weights in a gym is fine for the first few days of an exercise programme, but after that who can stay motivated with the same old boring routine?

Not to mention, on the days that it’s rainy and grey outdoors, or when you’re just can’t be bothered, your fitness routine generally is the first thing to get chucked off your ‘to do’ list. What’s the strategy to staying accountable  on exercise? check out these steps below 

1.Start with Safety in mind.

Always take time to get proper instruction on different types of exercise and technique. Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer at your local gym, pay for the session its well worth it these guys are the ‘professionals’ of the exercise game so take advantage of us!

2.Choose a workout you wont get bored of and actually enjoy 

For me doing treadmill for too long is torture if you’d rather be strolling outdoors or taking a spinning class. ‘It’s important  to make exercise something you like doing, otherwise you’ll dread making it a part of your life. If solo sport-orientated exercise like cycling is your game, go for that over group-based workouts.

3.Set goals but be realistic .

Having clear objectives and a challenging, yet achievable goal—such as losing a few kg’s before holiday—will motivate you to get to the gym or take that afternoon walk on days when you just want to toss out your trainers. One way to encourage yourself to keep a fitness commitment is to sign a contract with yourself stating your goals and keep a fitness journal

4.Reward and treat yourself.

There’s no better way to sustain your motivation to get fit than immediate gratification. So, when you reach the halfway point of your goal, treat yourself to something like a nice massage or that new top  you’ve had your eye on. Share your accomplishment with family and friends, and even social media as others’ acknowledgement of success will inspire you to further press on towards your goal.

5.Be consistent about when you exercise.

Choose to work out at the time of day when you tend to feel most energetic,’ suggests Luscombe. If you’re a ‘morning person’, exercise when you wake up. If you’re on a consistent workout schedule, your body’s hormones adjust so that you train most efficiently—and with the least fatigue—at that particular time of day. And stick to your training no matter what!

6.Fit in fitness whenever possible.

Did you know that s  quick spurts of exercise can be just as beneficial as one 30-minute workout? Why not break up the exercises in stages if your limited to do it in one go. ‘Try thinking outside the square like parking your car 15 minute power walk away from your destination.

7.Take it one day at a time.

‘Slow and steady always wins the race follow a sensible exercise plan, the more likely you are to achieve your goals, Your body will adjust better if you start slowly, and you’ll get stronger without injuring yourself. I have seen this time and time again people treat fitness like a feast or a famine so don’t make too many dramatic changes all at once. For instance, making major changes to your food and  giving up a bad habit straight away or throwing yourself  into a fully fledge fitness campaign is too much all at once.

8.Find an exercise partner or local support group.

Why not schedule with your diary say three meetings  per week to meet up with another fitness enthusiast and go exercise. Chances are if you have a friend relying on you to go to the gym or take a walk , you’ll be less likely to make excuses . Journal any workout dates in your diary and commit to them as if they are important catch ups.

9.Vary your fitness activity.

‘Mixing it up is the key to a balanced fit body, If you don’t change up your workouts, your body only trains one set of muscles and you stop seeing results. To prevent this fitness plateau, make sure you incorporate a variety of strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise into your routine. One weekly fitness plan might include swimming, running or walking briskly one night, lifting weights the next, doing yoga, cycling, and weight training or Pilates on consecutive evenings.

10.Its ok to Skip a day.

Working out always is a bad obsession it’s can prove to be physically and mentally counterproductive. Why not allow your body to rest for maximum results. And giving yourself a  break prevents burn-out and makes you more likely to stick to a long-term exercise plan.

Your body is your best mechanism for  great feedback listen to it, if you need to have a rest day do that and enjoy the process.