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The #1 Secret To Getting a Flatter, Stronger Midsection

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The #1 Secret To Getting a Flatter, Stronger Midsection

You see it every day when you hit the gym…

The people doing endless crunches, sit-ups, and bicycle crunches because they want to get the flat stomach or rippling six-pack…

But the truth is:  They are doing it all WRONG!

Doing hundreds of crunches – over and over again – will NOT get you’re the flat midsection you’re dying to have.

So what happens then?

You lose all gumption…you lose your motivation…you quit when you’re just getting started!

So here’s the deal…

I am going to give you a blueprint – one that if you use it in combination with a bulletproof diet – then you too, could have the flat midsection or rippling six-pack to show the world!

The Secret to Six-Pack Abs

1) Eat a healthy diet – this is the most crucial step in stripping away the small – or thick – layer of fat that is covering your belly.we set you up with a dedicated nutritional book with heaps of recipies and guidelines

2) You need to exercise – this is another crucial step in the six-pack process.  Now, before you think your exercise plan should contain hundreds – if not thousands – of crunches, think again!

So what exercises should you do? Well, you should be focusing on exercises that help stabilize your and build strength in your lower back, hips, abs, and all the other supporting muscle groups.

One of the best exercises for accomplishing this is (drumroll please)… The PLANK!

The plank is an exercise that can be changed to make it harder (feet position) or to put stress on different areas of the core (1-arm plan reach).

The more you practice and the more you do it, the stronger your core will become. A stronger core that keeps the fat OFF your belly…

Studio owner Fred Liberatore is living proof at the age of 50 anything is possible

Take Home Message

First, in order to get a flatter belly you need to include the right foods in your diet.  No sugar…no processed junk…and no additives of any kind .We can assist you as we provide each of our clients with a fitbook to track there nutritional mindset and training goals.

Then you need to exercise but do it smart!  Our program includes strengthening, cardio, high intensity training (not for everyone), and flexibility is a great, well-rounded workout.

So, if you desire a flat belly on your terms, start using these helpful tips today!