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The reason why I love training with kettlebells is they are an extreme all round fitness-you can always progress and improve your workout the fact that the shape and compact size makes this piece of equipment very unique. For those not aware of the kettlebell there you can allow safety acceleration it on the way down like swings, and such 'virtual force is exceptionally effective, efficient and safe and builds muscle and accelerates fat loss. What I love about kettle bell training is that its not for sissies but it is not

Without a deadline you can exhaust yourself and still not arrive at any meaningful accomplishment.  A deadline compels you to prioritise and to expend your best efforts in the most meaningful direction. With a deadline, you are constantly reminded of how valuable and precious your time is. You're able to see resources and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. A deadline encourages you to do the best you can with what you have. And that's a skill that reliably leads to great accomplishment again and again. Give yourself a deadline. And get the

My top clients have one thing in common – they keep an honest fit book and food journal. They record every mouthful of what they eat and every sip even if they have gone off the rails . I also ask them to jot down the time, who the meal is with, and where they ate it. What I look for is the obvious – macro’s, any bad habits we may need to address, and a summary of their lifestyle and when they tend to deviate. Other things I’m looking out for

This is a technique in which you use your thoughts and imagination to bring you closer to achieving your goals and creating what you want in life.When we visualise we act,and our subconscious mind interprets imagery as equivalent to a real life action,put simply,as if it already happened,and this helps our intention move from imagination to reality.Scientifically this is termed as experience based  neuro plasticity,which confirms that stimuli as a result of repetitive and consistent visualisation rewires the brains structure and forges new neural circuits to turn your goals into

Have you ever started a weight loss or exercise plan, veered off course, and then decided you’ve already "blown it”, so might as well continue being “bad" and start over on Monday? If so, you’re not alone. It’s very common. Instead of straying from the plan on Friday night and then getting right back on track the next morning, you totally derail and eat everything in sight ­— knowing that you’re going to have to be “good" on Monday. A safe, effective fat loss program is not one that you go on and then start over once

The biggest advantage of protein supplements when people ask me is that not that they can build more muscle than chicken or egg whites or any other whole food protein, the biggest advantage is convenience. It is easier to drink a protein shake than it is to buy, prepare, cook and eat poultry, fish or egg whites. Consuming small, frequent meals is the optimal way to eat, regardless of whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain. To keep your body constantly in positive nitrogen balance, you must consume