When it comes to Health & Fitness, it’s easy to get caught window shopping. Maybe you have found yourself browsing gyms and personal trainers, hey maybe you’ve even made a few phone calls….BUT that seems to be as far as it goes! Well let me tell you something….window shopping may be ok when it comes to that pair of shoes….that jacket…or that sofa that would just make your house perfect! We can stumble over these things because you subconsciously know that these are external object that provide a short term burst of happiness.

Here’s the tricky question! Why do we treat our bodies like a product??…….

After all this body of ours is pretty much the only thing we actually NEED to be fully functional. We recognize the problems we need to fix but somehow think we can ‘get round to it’ or ‘put it on hold’ until the time or money is there. The body is far from a product though. That pair of shoes will be in and out of the window in a shot and in a few weeks there will be a better, shinier pair and even still once you purchase them they may only serve you for a year!

So….to my point! The body, your health and fitness may seem like a huge investment BUT it is the one thing you have right now that is going to be with you for life! Yep…I said it….LIFE! The hand holding that smart phone that will be replaced within the next 24 months will be with you forever and just like that screen needs protecting from shatter….so does your body! Its time to stop treating yourself like a REPLACEABLE product because that is the one thing you are not!

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