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Start With Small Goals This Year and The Satisfaction Will Be Huge!

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small goals this new year 2021

Start With Small Goals This Year and The Satisfaction Will Be Huge!

Just about every year around the first week of January the phones and emails will start flooding in, the festive season coupled with the stay-at-home rule in 2020 is a reminder of how out of shape we can or have become.

With the convenience of ordering food and even booze at the click of a button delivered to our door means that we do not have to be faced with public scrutiny when it comes to our image. Yes, and the gentle reminders of trying to fit back into your jeans or even just taking an everyday activity like making up the bed or putting out the garbage, we suddenly find we have new niggles, and our sleep becomes less restful waking up to only feel tired.

I have put together 5 simple tips when it comes to setting small goals so you can be on the road heading north not south and this will enable you to set the stage for medium- and longer-term goals.

Step 1: Listen to people that know not the so-called expert’s and just follow one path

With the power of the net, we are exposed to all kind of so-called truth’s especially when it comes to health, do this diet follow this routine and your guaranteed to lose weight bla bla bla… 

The truth should be in the research you have done and if the person you are dealing with is credible look for clues you will find reviews on the person’s Facebook page or google and look at their testimonials. I also find that linkedin is another good source and checking out their bio and endorsements.

You see it is one thing to have a huge following on social media and it just becomes about the person, a great fitness leader should provide information about how they can assist this could be tip’s or just a case scenario on how a problem was solved. So be sure to spend time researching and fish out the so-called expert’s!

Step 2: Make your gaols S.M.A.R.T

For this that have not heard of the smart model here is a breakdown:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Results
  5. Timed

You see of you combine this to any goals the chances of reaching that goal is much high let’s break it down

1. Specific if you get specific with your goal then the blueprint becomes a reality using a date and time makes it specific for you

2. Measurable you see its one thing to say that you wish to lose weight but another to say xx kg’s also you need to think about losing fat so changing up your approach and saying things like

I will allow myself to shed 6inches off my belly button


I will drop a dress size by x date and fit into a size x dress for x event.

3. Achievable there is no point ln looking at a super model physique saying you want to look like that when in fact you body type is different and not a reality, so be honest with yourself a good start is to look at yourself naked and instead of negative talk like look at me I am disgusting. Why not look through a different lens and say wow look at my visceral fat this is interesting, and I am willing to embrace change and love the process.

4. Results whatever you decide to do you will have a result no matter what you see results are inevitable no matter how you look at it, so have the end in mind.

5. Timed Ok so you’re on the quest to drop visceral fat and change the shape of your body the question is are you being realistic with the goal you have set, what’s your formular based on will you exercise everyday and will you get help or just wing it!

Whatever the goal is studies show having a Personal Trainer in your corner will accelerate the process of hitting your goals. You may be thinking by this time I can’t afford such a luxury well lucky now Personal trainers offer a great option from semi private training to one on one and remember the longer you commit to a Personal Trainer the more affordable it comes over a +3,6 or 12 month period.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does a trainer charge!

Most good trainers have a payment option whereby you can pay monthly or but a pack of say 20 sessions fees are based on the trainers’ experience accreditation and results expect anywhere between 55-90/session depending on the frequency you choose to train.

How long should my session go for!

We find the sweet spot be around 45 minutes usually clients would arrive 15 minutes earlier to warm up enabling them to reframe and reset and prepare for the session.

How many time’s a week should I train!

If your goal is fat loss related and you have no other time to do gym work on your own we suggest around 2-3 times a week.

What is semiprivate training and is it recommended!

Semiprivate is a great way to share the cost with another person and often builds a sense of comradery, we suggest however groups of no more that 6 participants at a time so the trainer can ensure they have your safety at hand.

When is private training recommended!

Private training is great for a specific goal or attending to a specific injury so you can improve and fast track your results.

What if I want to trial before I buy?

Most fitness established would offer a free discovery session to discuss this and do a fitness analysis to go over all the requirements and set the agenda.

What if I cannot afford Personal Training or Semiprivate?

A great way to start is traditional gym membership you could even ask a family member or friend to come along or keep you accountable things like check in after your session and join in on a what’s app group just to post pictures of when you have completed a workout, most good gym’s also offer a fitness program so you can have some level of accountability.

So, let’s welcome this bright new year and remember set goals that are small and tangible and let that be the road map to your success and before you know it your moved on to the next goal.