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Stach’s Success Story

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Stach’s Success Story



I first heard of Muscle up coach Fred through the Maxs Muscle up challenge and in February 2011 I embarked on a life changing event and although I did not train at Fred’s studio he did help me online in conjunction with the Max’s Products to transform my body and in 12 weeks that’s what I just did I dropped a massive 30kgs.
had trouble getting out of bed without feeling awful and just had no energy to do anything. I was a size 5XL and 46? pants. I finally decided to make a change for the better and started at my local Good Life Gym in February 2009. Since then, I have been working out 5 to 6 times per week. Now, only 9 months later, my weight has gone from 155kgs down to 115kgs! That’s a loss of 40kgs. I have also had some great gains in muscle mass. I also lost the first 35 kgs in the first 14 weeks! Lots of treadmill work, weights and walking!. Being 6’6?, I have a big frame and carry myself well.
Anyhow, the proof is in my before and after shots and this is one change I’ve made to my lifestyle that’s permanent and I know that I’m now a lot healthier for it!

Love the comments I get on how I look now and that I can fit into 1 and 2XL size shirts and down to a size 36