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Size and what matter’s

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Size and what matter’s

Most people I came across will respond fairly well to various approaches to training volume. Looking at it from a different angle, we can begin to decide on set and rep schemes based on your goals—some are better for pure growth, and others for a mix of both strength and size.

And make no mistake: it’s possible to stay lean while gaining mass. Similarly, with intelligent programming, it’s possible to maintain and even gain strength and muscle while losing fat.
So, why aren’t you gaining muscle?
– You’re training with light weights while on a fat-loss diet. This makes you really good at lifting light weights. And pretty awful at lifting anything else.
– You’re not training on a caloric deficit. Heavy training, even while on a caloric deficit, is vastly superior for holding on to lean body mass.
Chris is Proof our Programs work with a no B.S approach

– You’re stopping eating carbs at 6:00 PM. This is especially true for those of you who train at 6:00 PM or later. Don’t miss out on that post-workout glycogen feed.
– You think splits are only for bodybuilders. Body part splits are highly effective for anyone.
– You’re not eating enough protein. 
– You’re not eating enough overall. 
– You get carried away with chasing heavier and heavier loads and end up injured. 

Ok. That list is longer than I initially planned.

But it’s all true.

Go read it again and memorize it before your next training session.