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Rise to the challenge

As a veteran PT I tell my client and myself that the more burdensome the challenge, the more valuable the response. Out of extreme difficulty, greatness is born I decided to put the trunks back on at the age of 50 and people called me crazy but I thought why not ?

When things like your training schedule or eating habits  seem to be at their worst, trust me when I say that  they are likely to soon get much better.It could be just to re frame your old beliefs and recheck  your fitness goals.

The more intensely the problems are illuminated, the more effectively they can be addressed.

For me ever since I was in my early teens my mantra is always remember that life is incessantly dynamic. Life is able to respond with innovation, determination and an underlying goodness that cannot be denied.

The best cure for a problem is the problem itself. Because each problem is a well-defined opportunity for improvement.

So whether you judge something to be a problem or opportunity says more about you than about the situation.

The way you choose to see the world is the way the world will be for you.

In life there is challenge and in challenge there is life. So do what I did and Rise to each challenge, and continue adding value to the ever-growing richness of life.

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