Secret 1 

Making a simple commitment to your exercise Program 

The real secret is quite simple and I’ll distil it for you right here :Eat four to five small healthy meals per day and perform a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercise for 45 minutes three times a week.Take our your calendar right now and mark off three days each week for the next 12 weeks when you will commit to exercises. Then do it.Your consistent commitment will bring you the results you want.

Secret 2

Having a coach  

Read the self help book’s they all talk about the importance of having a coach/mentor.A coach is an experienced and trusted teacher and it;s inevitable you will come up against hard times on your path to losing weight and getting fit.A coach guides,motivates,educates and supports you -so you can easily and rapidly overcome your hurdles and becomes your feedback system,helping you see understand and correct the problems interfering with your progress. Exercise and nutrition are bona fide sciences and learning everything you need to know on your own can take years of struggle-but not if you have a coach

2 of Fred’s disciples Danielle and Jess understood the importance of having Fred as there coach

Secret 3


Have you ever met someone who says they exercise week after week,month after month and aren’t getting any new results ? Believe it or not,doing the same workout over and over without expert guidance to direct your progress will actually decrease your fitness.You must learn how to progressively improve and fine tune your efforts for maximum weight loss and fitness results.

Secret 4 (The biggest)


Results and studies show that weekly accountability increases the likelihood of sticking to your exercise program by a wooping 2200%



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