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Lear how to DO more with less rest using the rest pause system and break through the plateau !

Here we outline three or four favourite techniques for prolonging the duration and intensity of a normal set taking you beyond failure and accelerating muscle gains.

Here I am interviewed by one of my trainer Chris

So Fred Describe the technique and give an example of how you’d use it

Well Chris ‘I did a version of rest -pause in the past by doing 6 reps (to failure) holding the weight in the stretched/starting position with tension on the muscle for 5 seconds, then another couple of reps another 5 second pause and a final rep or 2 to failure.

Fred why do you use this technique?

It makes sense to me Chris in terms of what I hold as fundamental truths regarding muscle growth.

When do you use it in your workout?

I use it when it feels right, and it can be both at the beginning or end of the workout

What’s the secret of making it work for you?

Complete focus and documenting my weights, as you know Chris when we train we go balls out every time and make sure I lift heavier weight or do more reps with each new workout trying to beat the previous best in some manner.

Do you take longer breaks between sets when doing this to ensure maximal recuperation?

Yes my goal is to make my workout done and dusted within the hour