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recovery makes us a better athlete

In order to receive the benefits of recovery and hence to get the most out of your training-you must pay attention to recovery as you do to your training.

That means treating recovery as an extension to training,which it is,and approaching it with the same zeal.You have to go easy to be able to go hard. Exercise physiologist Carl Foster say’s “We must be disciplined enough and prepare hard enough for training,which means sometimes you have to do very little.


why recovery matters

The average person is not like a Olympic athlete and do not operate on small amounts of sleep working out in the early morning darkness before sitting around a conference room table or chasing children all day,nor are they wrapping up evening workouts after a log day at the office in time to mow the lawn before daylight ends(Between workouts is when they really rest)

Although it’s probably unrealistic for the average person to prioritise recovery to such an extent,if you can give a fraction of this value to your recovery,your fitness will improve ok perhaps not to the Olympic levels but certainly in way’s that will convince of the importance and benefits of rest.

In our hyper busy culture it can be hard to be still. Often,the planed rest day devolves into a day of housework,and the rest of the week becomes a week of playing catch up at work.Whenever possible dial back and delegate.Use energy where its best spent.

REST enjoy time with your family you will get your body of your dreams with the right mindset.