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Realfit take on there second location in East Malvern

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Realfit take on there second location in East Malvern

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Dynamic fitness Duo Danni and Fred Liberatore have expanded their wings and taken over in East Malvern. Providing the best Personal Training and fitness facility into the community.

We saw a fantastic opportunity say’s Fred and we went for it !

New programs to include purchase of  Supplements and Ready to Eat Food ,Semi-Private training,one on one training Boot camps, and Yoga with an emphasis on Meditation and Relaxation Breathing in the near future.

Fred and Danni liberatore celebrate their second studio in East Malvern

Coming to our studio be it in East Malvern or  Prahran  and buying into our attitude, principles, and methodologies is a great way for an individual to get a great workout, feel some well deserved stress relief, have fun, socialize, and do it all in a safe and monitored environment.

No matter what your level of fitness is, you will find that all of the trainers at Realfit Personal training Studio’s are equipped with the knowledge to build an effective program that will challenge you and elicit results.

Our selection criteria for hiring trainers is very demanding. We only bring on experienced trainers with nationally recognized certifications and we cement that with our training philosophy.

“We are passionate about our client’s success”. This is easy to identify when you see how involved we are when we train them. We expect our clients to work for their goals, and we are right there with them, encouraging and motivating them to help make those goals a reality.”

If you have been thinking of exercising, but have been procrastinating, pick up your phone or get off your couch and contact us here 


1/9 carlton street


 East Malvern 

135 Waverley Road

East Malvern