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Power of focus and having fun

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Power of focus and having fun

Is there something that’s distracting you and keeping you from staying focused?Perhaps your pissed off with life(we all been there) There will always be some distraction or another, story from stopping you getting what you truly deserve in life  but you never have to give in to those distractions.

I found that the way to focus on anything is to make it important enough that its going to pull your invisible force and make it front and centre of your being. I even tell my client that If you need more focus, then make the object of your focus more personally meaningful by working out your why what how.

When I consult potential clients most say they want to loose weight (but that’s not measurable or specific) I tell them to ;

Make a conscious connection between whatever you’re doing and your deepest reason for doing it. Clearly know why, and the focus will be strong and the rest will fall into place.

Its only When you feel your focus begin to slip, reaffirm and reconnect to your purpose. Maintain the focus by maintaining the meaning that’s behind it.

When your desire is strong enough, no event or circumstance will have the power to distract you. Give your efforts a reason why, and you give yourself a reason to persist.

Live with authentic purpose. And you’ll act with powerful focus 

Fred and Danni