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Post Workout Drinks And Fat Loss

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Post Workout Drinks And Fat Loss

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Dear Fred: I came across a piece of muscle-building advice from my gym buddy he said grow big muscles you need  to ingest whey protein and 60-70 grams of *simple sugars* 30-45 minutes after your workout.

Is there any truth at all to this advice Fred? … I can’t believe eating 60-70 grams of simple sugar at any time can be good for you!

What do you think? thanks, Joe


It does seem counter intuitive, but believe it or not, that is standard, and science-based advice for post workout nutrition.

Post workout nutrition has been well researched and there is evidence that taking in simple carbs – usually glucose or dextrose with maltodextrin (plus whey protein) in the form of a post workout drink – is an ideal post workout recovery “meal.”

Most of the research says that the sooner after the workout you take post workout nutrition, the better (which is why you see so many people these days chugging down workout drinks while still at the gym… in the locker room, etc.)

Post-workout nutrition is very important, no question about that.For me the most effective post workout formula is Nitrovol and is best consumed immediately after training.

The debatable part is whether it’s a must to get it in the form of liquid sugar or simple carbs + whey and especially when your goal is maximum fat loss.

After reviewing the research and taking into account real world results (on myself and my clients), my opinion.

It should go without saying that nutrition is also the foundation on which every fat loss program is built.

Choose the combination of type, intensity, duration and frequency that suits your lifestyle and preferences the best, and WORK THE VARIABLES to get the fat loss results you want, but whichever cardio program you choose, remember that a solid fat burning nutrition program, such as is necessary to help you make the most of it.

For me what I love about Nitrovol Lean Muscle is that it has been designed to maximize fat free muscle mass, strength and power and aid recovery. It is perfect for building lean muscle mass and avoiding gains in body fat. Suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, sports players, fitness enthusiasts and even individuals beginning a training program, it compliments any training and strengthening regime and has a recommended dose of 1 x 60g serve per day.

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