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Post Comp My Top 3 tips !

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Here are my insider tips on how to best beat the post-show bloat.

1.cheat a little 

If you weren’t having any cheat meals during your competition prep, make sure to add them back in slowly—1-2 times per week, for example. This way you’ll be able to eat your cake and keep your abs, too. It’s all about balance and adhering to a meal plan that allows you to eat healthfully—lean proteins, whole grains, veggies, fruits, heart-healthy fats, etc. —the majority of the time, but also to indulge a bit here and there.

2.Get back into Weight Training and Cardio

If you had a coach for the comp prep it’s even more important to get the coach to help you as you wan’t to be kept accountable and get moving again after all your only as good as your last workout or meal and you want to be in progression not maintanance phase right .

Keeping that pump and muscle intensity is not only going to make you feel good but its going to get results and also more importantly keeping up your cardio to at least 2/3 times per week is going to not only keep you within a realistic body weight but also keep your sanity in check.

James and Hanna are living proof that our programs work !

3.Avoid the all or nothing attitude 

Sure you may not of got first place or in the top 5 that doesnt mean you should be bulking or adding unwanted calories again a good coach will give you some good feedback on areas that need improvent be an optimist and listen and appreciate the feedback.


Continue to do  your own research(chances are you learnt lots about yourself in the process of competing)if you get a coach make sure you work with an experienced coach or trainer who has a healthy, balanced, and sustainable approach to contest prep and if you had a coach don’t always go looking for a new one’s as chances are if you look in the mirror maybe it’s you that needs the changes(coaches/trainers are there to keep you accountable)

Make your contest prep, show, and post-show experience a positive one by taking into account these top 3 tips and  be willing to fail as you take action, and you’re on the road to success.