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Posing not just for Posers !

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Posing not just for Posers !

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If you are new to the Bodybuilding scene you may have heard the term flex those Bi’s or Hit your best back shot and give us a lat spread since posing takes great control of the body there is no better way to contract the Muscle and give that fullness and mental satisfaction.

Did you know that Posing provides the best way to display your physique as to your Progress, and simply going through each pose for holding the pose for around 10 seconds will give you a real pump and understanding of how you need to control the muscle and make it look as natural as possible.

It took me a number of years to master the art of posing through practice and perseverance and here are a few tips I would like to share with you

If  you’re not confident onstage or offstage , it will cause a negative flow of energy that will destroy your performance. Think that all you have to do is hit the mandatory poses and that’s it, but there’s more to it. If you’re not confident in your posing, it’s like telling the judges I was not ready for this comp or your friend that you have wasted time in the gym.

  • Besides huge amounts of confidence, a good poser is a stickler for detail. He or she doesn’t just pose in the mirror and think, “ok this is good”. He or she will look at every muscle in detail to make sure everything is at its peak performance. Obviously, your diet and training will get you there, but your presentation is everything.

There are so many athlete’s out there that make this huge mistake: when a judge calls out a certain pose – let’s say side chest – a competitor will hit the pose and think pecs while at the same time forgetting to keep everything tight like your abs, legs and Glute’s.

Remember, the judges or a close friend can see everything and they are looking at everything. Even if the pose is a side chest or Lat Spread, the  just might admire your V in this pose, and not even concentrate on your delt’s. It’s like this: so the message here is always pose the body, not the body part.

So there you have it I remembered that I was nervous because I had never posed before onstage when I first competed, but I knew in my heart with every pose I hit, I would grab the attention of the judges and by me thinking this, it became true. SO remember the mind is very powerful and if you are an amateur or a pro for many years it pay’s for another pair of eyes to view you before you go out onstage or even just hitting the for your own personal satisfaction.

If you would like to know more benefits on posing or even schedule a posing session feel free to contact the team at Realfit we have  expereinced group of Pt’s who have also competed ! click here

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