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Pole Diva and Fitness champion

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Pole Diva and Fitness champion

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I recently caught up with Hollie Sheehan (aka Pocket Rocket) so she could share her story with us all after coming off here recent win at the Southern cross championships held in Melbourne recently.

Age 35

•Favourite food: Anything Asian!!

•Favourite exercise: strength training/cardio, pole dancing!

•Least favourite exercise: anything where flexibility is involved! Even though I have reasonable flexibility, I get bored with yoga and stretching, I need to get the heart pumping!!

•So Hollie why you decided to compete?

Well Fred it was in January this year that I decided I wanted to compete, I didn’t know where or when but one day I wanted to be on stage.

My fitness had plateaued and I felt like I just didn’t know how to push my body any further. After speaking to a friend, who was also training to compete, I decided to set myself a goal!!

Given my age, I figured I wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to take my body to the next level. I wasn’t thinking about winning, I just wanted to achieve my goals, mentally, emotionally and physically! I saw the competition as the reward for achieving those goals!

•Favourite  part about preparation for the comp:

Seeing the results and watching my body change. Feeling the difference in my energy levels.

•Least favourite part about preparation for the comp:

Adjusting to the diet, initially affected my energy levels quite a bit, but after a week or 2, I felt great!

Socially it can be frustrating as well!


•Favourite meal:

Breakfast is my favourite meal, a big healthy breakfast!!

•Favourite cheat meal:

Thai curries, rice and a glass or 2 of red wine!!

•So Hollie what are your Future plans?

Well Fred I had such a great time during the lead up to the comp, I felt like I could literally take on the world!!

Then the nerves, adrenalin and excitement on the day was enough to make me come back for more…. So I want to do a couple more INBA comps, then I will be happy to hang up the bikini and maintain my fitness moving forward!

•Hollie so do you have any Advice for anyone wanting to compete?

Invest in a great trainer and listen to every word they tell you!!

Also, set yourself achievable goals and don’t stop until you reach them!! The feeling of reaching that goal makes all the early starts, dieting and all the hard work well worth it…

Believe in yourself, stay true to goal and make sure you have fun with it!!!

Thanks Hollie you’re a true champion best of luck with the future myself and all the team at Realfit are super proud of you !

Picture courtesy  of Mariya Mova Photography