In September 2011 Peter literally had enough ! He was consistently at the gym lifting 4 times per week but had no progress and he heard about Fred and Realfit Personal Training in Prahran via a Facebook post (Fred’s post made made sense Peter said) so I decided to take Fred up on the free trial.

Fred’s approach to Body Transformation was unbelievable,the support was 110% with daily tips sms and whole lot more.(He was always available to take my call’s)

I have achieved more in 12 weeks of training with Fred than 6 years of training on my own.By increasing the exercise intensity and focusing on the Muscle Fred made me realize it’s not so much the weight but the Feel of the muscle and engaging the mind.The fantastic thing is that with Fred’s help I only had to tweak a few things and my body really responded.My stomach shrunk and I increased inches of my chest,as you can see I am one of many Realfit success stories,do yourself a favor check out Fred’s studio it certainly changed my life for the better.

Peter achieved more in 12 weeks with Fred than he did with 6 years of Training on his own


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