How does the sound of a customised fitness plan to meet your goals sound,well if so read on.We understand that we can be time poor and may not be able to afford a PERSONAL TRAINER.
Well worry no more a great Personal Trainer can still keep you accountable providing that he does the following;

-keep you accountable by weekly check in’s
-Provide a live Skype video call on a fortnightly basis
-Be available on the phone and reply within 24 hours

We are pleased to now offer ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING at an affordable price that meet your budget,here is what some of our raving fans have to say :

Rod lost over 15kgs following the advice of Fred’s online

I would be lost without my fortnightly skype video call with Fred each fortnight”It keep me pumped 24/7″

I would combine face to face training and online each week with Fred which gave me my Bikini Body and 1st Place trophy in the Inba Miss Glamour Division this year
So there you have it folks,what are you waiting for another year and another set of excuses !

As a Master coach  I have transformed literally hundred’s of people form all walk’s of life using a step by step process,I guarantee 100% success if this sounds like interest to you please contact me by clicking here for your free initial consultation,what do you have to loose  !

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Fred Liberatore

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