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One on One with Mr Australia Eddy Ung

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One on One with Mr Australia Eddy Ung

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So Eddy whats in store for you,we haven’t seen you onstage for a while
Hi Fred my Future comp plans include INBA 2015 Mr Victoria and Australia titles, competing in the open division. I would also like to venture off to the states for the Natural Mr Olympia and maybe even cross over to the muscle mania competitions later in the year.
wow that’s awesome takes lot of dedication we know whats your meals consist of !
My current diet consists of 5 solid meals with 2 shakes. Carbs for me are a make up of Oats, Brown rice and Sweet potato. Proteins are from Eye fillet steak, chicken thigh (only in off season), eggs and MAX’S Supershred protein and MAX’S Night time powder. Fats are derived from avocados, flaxseed oil, almonds.

whats a interview without a training session ,eddy and I get flexing !

Do you have a favourite body part
Sure do Fred my Favourite body part to train is arms! in particular Triceps i enjoy this muscle group because there’s nothing better than the feeling of your arms blowing up and having so much blood in them that they feel like they are going to pop! i also enjoy training the guns because there are so many different training techniques to play around with to hit them differently week to week.
So whats your least Favourite 
My least favourite would have to be Back.. Not that i don’t enjoy it but its such a big muscle group that it requires so much energy to stabilize throughout every movement and heavy weights which puts a lot of strain on the rest of the body, in comparison to something like arms which is primarily an isolated muscle group.
What about foods we all love food us bodybuilders whats your favourite 
 Favourite foods include Salmon and Roast Potatoes! this is what i would use as a ‘Reefed’ meal on a sunday before legs if i was dieting. Junk foods which I enjoy from time to time are things like KFC or Pizza! Least Favourite foods would be Dry chicken breast, raw tuna fish or almonds on their own..
So eddy what advice would you give to young aspiring bodybuilders 
Fred my advice for young bb’s would be to try and learn as much about training and diet as you can, visit PT’s at Realfit  like yourself  who have won comps or have a good history of success stories and pick their brains about what actually works. once you learn the techniques to training and overload results will yield a lot quicker and time will not be wasted in the gym. Supplements are also another contributing factor to quick results, i get all my Supps from AAA Supplements and Max
Thanks Eddy wish you all the best !
Thanks Fred I would like to thanks MAX’S  and AAA Supplements  Strong lift wear and  INBA for all there support !