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Use This Number 1 Rule When It Comes To Weight Loss

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number 1 rule to weight loss

Use This Number 1 Rule When It Comes To Weight Loss

As a Personal trainer for over 30 years transforming thousands of bodies if it is one thing, I know the “Test & Measure” principal applies with your training and equally your nutrition.

You see to understand nutrition we first must understand the fact that we are all wired differently our past equals our present and what we think about in terms of food often shapes us to the humans we are today.

I have set out the principals in the learning phase based on a collection of hundreds of individuals so you can a get a good hold of what is required to catapult your success.

This is the ultimate guide, consisting of a detailed nutritional regimen and along with life-altering principles. Not only is it designed to get you to look great, feel energetic, and be a much healthier individual, but your life should be revolutionized and completely changed for the better, in terms of your outlook on the world. This system works. Thereafter, your appearance and personality should be changed forever. (Yes, a big statement I know but I have witnessed this firsthand with my success stories) Be sure to put in the work on your end and keep a learner’s mindset.

Every word is here for a reason, and you should not just skip ahead. The little things are important and understanding the reasons behind what you are doing is a critical component to success. As I will continue to remind you, a true 12-week transformation of your body necessitates a lifestyle change and a mindset change. This will, first and foremost, require you to decide. You are different and this time it is different. Make a commitment that you are going to start day one, and when day two comes, you are going to continue the path and remember to seek progress not perfection.

In this blog I wanted to extract a few pages from my comprehensive eBook about the fist thumb rule.

First, lets understand Nutrition

The basic measure of how much one consumes per day is based upon calories. A calorie is a unit of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. Calories are found in food and a certain amount of them is needed for sustenance of bodily functions throughout the day. Too many calories eaten during a day, or over the course of several days, will cause weight gain. Healthy eating will ensure that calories are kept in check, so that you gain enough calories to meet your body’s energy needs, but not so many that weight gain will occur.

The average amount of calories a person needs throughout the day varies from person to person and is based upon one’s metabolic processes and functions. However, most men need to consume roughly 2,700 calories in a day, whereas women need around 2,000 calories.

In addition, age, height, weight, and metabolism all affect the number of calories required. A greater body mass and higher rate of metabolic functioning will translate into more calories required to sustain those energy levels. To lose weight, you need to enter a caloric deficit, whereby you consume fewer calories than you burn throughout the day, either through exercise, less food intake, or a combination of both.

To gain weight, you need to enter a caloric surplus, whereby you consume more calories than you burn throughout the day, through increased food intake. Half a kilo (muscle or fat) is equivalent to 3,500 calories. That means you need to consume 3,500 calories more than you burn to gain weight, and vice versa.

However, the types and amounts of foods are important. Your new diet will look like the following:

  • Good Oils,
  • Nuts, Sweets
  • Refined grains, pasta,
  • rice, dairy
  • Fruits
  • Lean Meats, Leafy Vegetables
  • Unrefined grains, vegetables

The Fist thumb palm rule

Sometimes even the simple pictures above are hard to imagine when they are not exactly in front of you.

So to make it easier I have provided you with these illustrations.

Fortunately, your own hands can work very well for estimating portion sizes as well—or if you are trying to teach clients about portion control.

palm of a hand

Meat, poultry, or fish such as tuna or salmon steaks (3 oz) is the size of the palm of a hand

closed fist

Veggies, berries (1 cup) is approximately the size of a closed fist


Butter or oil (1/2 tsp) is approximately the size of a fingertip

tip of a thumb

Peanut butter (1 Tablespoon) is approximately the size of the tip of a Thumb


Meat or cheese (1 oz) is approximately the size of an entire thumb

So, forget counting calories if you use this rule you will certainly notice change just like a few of our recent success stories!

7 Weeks into my 12 Week challenge and I am down 8kg, muscle mass is up and I am feeling 10 years younger.

Fred and his team Realfit are a perfect combination with in depth knowledge in Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition, paying attention to form and working around previous injuries and age related aches and pains ensuring a full body workout to leave you feeling that “pump” that you may have not experienced or haven’t felt in ages.

If you are looking for a mind and body transformation don’t hesitate. Grab this opportunity!

claude sedacca

Are you like me? Approaching 50, carrying 20kg too much and feeling unfit and unhealthy? That was me 6 weeks ago. Then I discovered a 12-week transformation program run by Fred Liberatore. His mantra is “Sweat, swear, smile” – we have done plenty of all three! I couldn’t recommend his program more. I’m a serial dieter and serial repeat offender of losing weight and putting it back on and then some (sound familiar?)

Fred’s approach is supportive but challenging at the same time – he practices what he preaches and is passionate about his client’s success. I’ve managed to drop 8kg to date and feeling strong and motivated to continue my path of transformation. The gym is small, personal and highly functional and there is a friendly atmosphere which makes me look forward to my 3 sessions a week. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks and beyond.

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In the end, if you would like to start eating better, just look at your hand. Use your fist, palm, cupped hand, and thumb to practice calorie control – while avoiding the hassle of counting calories.

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