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My Top 5 Benefits of sprinting

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My Top 5 Benefits of sprinting

1.Sprinting will reduce body fat and strengthen you far more than long slow cardio as sprinting requires maximum recruitment of muscle.After about 8 seconds sprinting sends acid signals to the muscles,which activate the fast twitch fibres.Did you know fast twitch fibers are thicker than slow twitch fibers and they grow in size when activated by the right training.

2.Sprint workouts are short and a lot more fun than long,boring cardio workouts.

3.Sprinting strengthens your cardio vascular system with brief burst of high intensity followed by long periods of recovery.You strengthen your skeletal muscles by doing heavy,low-repetition sprint sets with ling recoveries.

4.EPOC Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption calorie burning after the workout is over to restore itself

5.Increase in Phosphate Metabolism-Increase the concentration of creatine phosphate into the muscles which improves your muscular power and improves rapid fire energy(the main type of energy source during explosive movements)