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Look, cravings stink.  We get it.  Cravings make it hard to concentrate and they make losing weight nearly impossible.  But there are certain steps you can take to curb those intense, mood-altering cravings and reduce the death grip that sugar has on your mind and body.

For example, one of the easiest ways to curb cravings is to eat the right foods.  Foods that will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep a constant, steady flow of sugar to your brain and the muscles in your body.

By slowing the digestion of high sugar foods (or higher glycemic foods) you may be able to squash cravings once and for all.

Eating foods that a high in protein (slows the rate of digestion) is one way to ensure a steady flow of blood sugar.  Great examples are eggs, lean cuts of chicken or grass-fed meat, and fatty, wild-caught fish like salmon.

Or you can include more fiber-rich foods, such as oatmeal, sprouted-grain breads and pastas, bran, barley, and quinoa.

Steer clear of high sugar, processed foods and combined higher glycemic foods with fat or protein to slow the rate of digestion and to better balance your blood sugar.

Another way would be to include the RIGHT spices and herbs that have been PROVEN the stabilize blood sugar and prevent excessive dips in your blood sugar levels.

Individually, certain herbs and spices may work very well…

But combined–in the correct dosages–could lead to stable blood sugar levels!  And stable blood sugar levels means there’s less sugar in the blood, meaning there may be less sugar to store as fat.

Mahal had a turning point whereby he re framed old beliefs and controlled his cravings

The end result is less cravings…less mood swings…and a greater ability to lose weight or maintain your weight loss.  Now the herbs and spices mentioned above, combined may do a whole lot more for your blood sugar.

And this is why we recommend you click the link directly below in order to stabilize your blood sugar once and for all.

Your health and your weight loss is begging you to