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My interview with John our latest success story

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My interview with John our latest success story

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Hey John,

we have had lot of great feedback on your 7 week progress and I wanted to ask a few questions for our readers

ok great

Q, So John what was the one thing you could say that has sparked that switch on inside your head to lose over 4inches off you waste in 7 weeks and really get some lean muscle happening.

A.Hey Fred i can’t say there was one thing but a group of 3 things that stick out for me as follows;

-showing up 30 minutes before my session to hot the cardio (boy that vest is a killer)

-Keeping that food diary in check each day for your viewing and approval

-Just trusting the process and your guidance especially the food and lean muscle supplements

q. John what did you find most difficult on your journey to date

A,Definitely the first 2/3 weeks I doubted  myself and  i just rode past that,Having your support be it a phone call or sms certainly helped me as you invested time in me and I didn’t want to let you down,I remember you saying John be prepared to be unconformable at first(I sure was)

q,What advise can you give to someone looking to transform themselves like you have to date 

A, Well Nike put it nicely with the “Just do it” saying I think we ponder to much and then time passes by

q.Thanks John  anything else you wish to add 

A. pleasure thanks Fred yes I just like to say don’t let fear get in your way (it will)give Fred a call or email at the very least he will help you and guide you my life energy and outlook is getting better by the minute !