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my 89 year young mother top fitness tips

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my 89 year young mother top fitness tips

yes that’s right my Mum is so fit she can put people half her age to shame !

Here’s a few simple examples:

  • Mum say’s Get in the habit of waking up early washing your face and getting straight out the door for a power walk followed by some light resistance training (see pic)
  • Get a dog -Keeps things in check and is a great companion
  • Keep  sport shoes near the bed so she is  always prepared to get out and be active
  • Instead of a movie mum loves to cook and share her life experiences with her Kids,Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.
  • Read magazine’s out in the sun in  the backyard rather than cooped up witching TV
  • Catch up with good positive friends at the local community it could be over cards or even a dance

Mum’s points to remember:

Any extra bit of activity adds up and over the long-run and makes a big difference in how much fat you lose and take advantage of every opportunity to be more active throughout the day to help create the caloric deficit and remember to laugh with health and not stress the small stuff.

Thanks Mum x