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Interview with Rose Black INBA champion

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Interview with Rose Black INBA champion

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I recall seeing this lady at the southern and displaying an incredible physique so I had the opportunity of catching up with Rose here is what she had to say.

So Rose why Why did you decide to compete

Good question Fred !  I was a competitive swimmer and a track and field athlete- so training is a part of my life and has been since I was very young.. I began getting interested in weights last year after one of the trainers at my gym (now my strength coach); encouraged me to give weights a go.

Rose Black winning the southern state championships

Tell me how it felt being onstage

Fred I was hooked that first time I got on stage. I loved the awesome feeling of being able to showcase your hard work in the gym to an appreciative crowd who look at you objectively and professionally. It was an amazing experience and I loved everything about the stage; the gorgeous bikinis (Jo Rogers- her creations are amazing, she is a genius!!); the phenomenal heels; the glittering jewelry and the chance to have my tan;hair and makeup done!

Ken Ross is someone who noticed my potential at a show last year. We have been working together for over 6 months. Ken is an amazing coach who has developed the nutrition plan that has allowed me to get into my best condition. I am now a sponsored Flexr6 athlete which means a lot to me. I thank Ken every day for believing in me and getting me through the tough times in prep. We will now be heading off to my first World Championship. An achievement I never dreamed of. I am so excited and cannot wait.  Ian Adams is another major supporter and friend to me. He has sponsored me, and has encouraged me along with each competition. It is great to have these people in my life. My friends and family are wonderful and supportive too- you really need a great network around you in this sport as it can be demanding. My hubby bears all my carb starved rants and the down days with great patience.

I want to compete again at the Nationals at the end of the year.My dream and goal is to one day be an Australian champion- I will be working really hard each year to try and achieve that.


Tell us  why you choose INBA

The INBA is a great league. They communicate really well about the shows. All competitors get running sheets that are updated regularly and with other important details so competitors can be prepared. The shows are well run and professional; the prize trophies and medallions are really good quality; the videography is professional and well done; as are the pictures. I love the fact that competitors can pay to get a CD or DVD as they are wonderful reminders of what you looked like on the day.  I have also been really welcomed by the league- as are all competitors. We are treated as rock stars for the day with helpers backstage and interviews. It is just a really great feeling to be treated like that.oh and you make sure you keep the show running smoothly ?

Rose displaying an incredible physique
So Rose for the readers out there what Advice would you give for people looking top step on stage

Fred My advice would be to give yourself time. Plenty of it! Don’t ever try to go into a prep by starving yourself of calories and killing yourself in the gym. Spend time building a good base fitness; and get your metabolism in order for a good while and ensure your prep is managed by someone who offers a healthy, stable approach.

What do you Love most about  training

Fred I love the burn- call me a sicko, but it is true! I love challenging myself by pushing heavy weights. I love seeing the changes I am making. I still have so many areas I want to improve and refine- but the results keep me coming back.

I love listening to music when I train- but my headphones are tiny and you can’t even see them under my hair.

Great thanks Rose we all wish you much success in the Future