I had been going to boot camp for over 2 years but I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted…I needed something more. I knew Fred from school (a while ago!) and I got back in touch with him through Facebook. After seeing his success stories on Facebook and the Realfit website, I knew I had to contact Fred to put me on the right track…and that he did! It’s been 12 weeks of training and clean eating. I can’t believe how much of a change it can make if you stick to Fred’s plan. Fred is an inspirational coach & motivator. He has supported me with great nutritional advice and gentle but firm encouragement. He has pushed me further than I thought I could go and I come away from every session feeling energised and inspired. Not only have I noticed a change in my body appearance but I also now have more energy. I am so pleased with my results and am excited to see what’s still to come.

Make no mistake, Fred not only motivates but he also inspires


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