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Lose Fat Around the Clock

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Lose Fat Around the Clock

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Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to just the gym. You can greatly increase the amount of physical activity your body gets (and the total calories you burn) by creating a shift and making small lifestyle changes to be as active as possible throughout the day..

Here’s a few simple examples:

  • Get in the habit of taking the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Park a few minutes away from your destination point( be it work )and walk the rest of the trip
  • Keep your runners and towel in the car so you’re always prepared to get out and be active when you have some extra time. You could take a brisk walk  after lunch before returning to work.
  • Choose a hike or a bike ride instead of a movie
  • Play with your kids in the backyard rather than letting watch TV or Play Video Games.
  • Instead of catching up with friends over a few drinks, play a game of tennis or go for a walk and chat along the beach.

Matt is another great success story and loves to ride his bike to the Studio

Any extra bit of activity certainly adds up and over the long-run and makes a big difference in how much fat you lose.

Key points to remember:

Take advantage of every opportunity to be more active throughout the day to help create the caloric deficit.

I hope you found this helpful we are always here to help in your fitness journey