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Lessons we’ve learnt running our second fitness location

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Lessons we’ve learnt running our second fitness location

On June 2015, My wife and I made a life-changing decision to roll out our second location . Two years later, the business has grown to support our clients.

Here  are 4 of the most important lessons We’ve learned from two years with a second location :

1.Get your systems in place

This is a no brainier know your numbers and make sure your staff also know your costs so ;

  • Set SMART goals
  • Define measures of success
  • Take personal responsibility for your results

2.Ask for reviews/testimonials/referrals/video’s

Testimonials and reviews strengthen our brand and legitimize our business. The more we can get, the better. So why not start a reviews/testimonials page on your website and begin adding them as soon as you start working with clients.Also Video are another great way to make your message clear.

3. Make it easy for people to find and contact you

Of course you need a website. It should look good and be easy to navigate. You should have a place where people can easily find your contact information.

I added a contact form to my website.  I often have clients contact me asking about my services and with the drop down box they can select the location Prahran or East Malvern . I can only assume it was because I made it very easy for them to work with me.

4. Always Stay grateful and humble

On a more philosophical note, I feel that having the right attitude does a lot for your business and your success.

There are a lot of people who are running their businesses with massive egos. These people are very difficult to work with. Often the biggest egos are the easiest to bruise.

Danni and I credit a lot of our  success to staying grateful and humble. We are  so thankful every time a new client reaches out to us. I think  our appreciative attitude, both in our heart and outwardly to our clients, is something that sets us apart.

Running a business is no easy task and especially running a second location and we are proud to say that We’ve done it for two years.

Together with my wife and staff that we can  continue running our business for the rest of our working life.

Fred and Danni Liberatore