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Leg Extensions to Isolate the quads

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Leg Extensions to Isolate the quads

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Starting Position

  • Sit in the machine with the back of your knees against the edge of the machine pad nearest the lever arm.Hook your insteps under the lower set of the roller.Incline your back against the board if there is one on the machine and grasp either sides of the padded seat handles and this will keep your torso steady.

Movement Performance

  • Slowly in a controlled manner straighten your legs,hold the top,peak-contracted position of the movement for a slow count to2 then lower back to starting position repeat the movement suggested high reps around 20 rep range.

Common Mistakes

  • You wont get as much out of the movement if you fail to completely straighten your legs on each repetition as suggested do the movement in a controlled manner in order to prevent momentum from robbing your workout.

Isolation movement for the entire quads


  • You can also do this movement one leg at a time which allows you to place more intense mental focus on the muscle.