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Kati’s Success Story

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Kati’s Success Story



I have been coming to Realfit religiously, for 12 weeks only once a week. From the first day, I was hooked!

Unlike the Gyms I attended previously, Realfit Personal Training studio are so different and as you can see Fred has given me my Bikini body back in record time! My Friends tell me this was an express Transformation and I tend to agree!
Fred is so knowledgeable that left me speechless! He know lots about Personal Training, Nutrition and Goal setting and we rolled this into one to create a Bikini Body. He kept me so accountable each Day and set me up for real success,Its what he called and coined his non negotiable’s and each week we implemented steps to a better version of myself. If you haven’t heard about Fred and the Team of Realfit Personal Trainers (Special Mention to Jess@Realfit) then you haven’t trained,make no mistake it was hard but the rewards outstripped the effort and it made it all count at the end, I stepped on stage and strut my stuff and won my Division in the INBA thanks to Fred and his team at Realfit(Donny and Jess).

Kati achieved what Fred called an Express Transformation!