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Insider Healthy Tips for New Years Eve

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Insider Healthy Tips for New Years Eve

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Now that much of the silly season is behind us, all eyes are on the quickly approaching New Years.

So  I’ve compiled a list of some of my top tips I’ve come across over the years for navigating around New Year’s parties no matter which way you plan to celebrate.

You decide to stay at home 

  • Write a list of Goals down put pen to paper and have a short medium and long term vision of whats in store for the coming year.Share them with your partner of friend its good to get other suggestions.
  • Plan some games/activities you can do that don’t involve food/drinks for me and my wife this could be just siting and talking or sharing an article in a magazine or book will read to eachother  .
  • When you do eat Exercise portion control techniques – like making single bite appetizers and go for celery sticks and or cucumbers and keep way clear of bread and other starchy carbs.

You decide to go to a bar:

  • Then decide ahead of time how many drinks you want to have. Spread them out, choose wisely, and try your best to stick to it and why not even set a budget .
  • Try to have a glass of water after every one or two alcoholic drinks. This will slow you down AND keep you hydrated. Win-win!
  • Make sure you eat a solid meal before you go to the bar. It’s never good to start drinking on an empty stomach!
  • Ask for your cocktails to be mixed with  tonic, and/or fresh squeezed limes.

If you’re going to a party at someone’s house:

  • Ladies Bring a clutch/handheld purse. This way, you can only have a drink OR a plate of food in the other hand.(My wife’s-Danni’s  suggestion)
  • Bring a healthy item that you know is “safe” – fruits/veggies with dip is a great option because it’s something low calorie (and high in nutrients) that you can munch on throughout the night.
  • Don’t start eating and drinking right away. Remember, you’re there not just for the food and drink, so make the rounds and say hello before you dive in. The longer you wait to start, the less “damage” you’ll do.

Move yourself away from the food. Literally. Don’t take a seat or stand so close to the food that you can continue to munch mindlessly.

No matter how you’re celebrating:

  • Make a plan for exercise on New Year’s Day(My wife and I make a point of going for a long walk around 10km along the beach or close to mother nature like a park )so you can start the year off right.
  • Many cities have New Year’s Run/Walks, but you can also do something on your own. You’ll feel good with a workout under your belt the first day of the year, plus it may help you drink a little less the night before.
  • Don’t fast all day leading up to your celebration of choice. This backfires every single time. Instead, realizing that you’re probably going to eat/drink more than you normally do, focus on having healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals leading up to your celebration so you don’t arrive ravenous.

Whatever happens December 31st, remember January 1st is a new day,and a new year!

Be the best version of yourself and dont take yourself too seriously on January the 2nd but do have a vision in mind .

If you have any tips for a healthy New Year’s Eve that you’d like to share, please post them in the Comments section below.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Love and Health

Fred and Danni Liberatore x