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I use these four Steps To Make our Business (And Marriage) Flourish.

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I use these four Steps To Make our Business (And Marriage) Flourish.

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If you are thinking about going into business with your spouse or if you are in business together already, you can increase your chance of success in marriage and in your business by following these steps we are living proof :

1.We Know our Role

When you work with your husband or wife to define crystal clear roles with precise measurable goals that have specificity and realistic deadlines. If your business like us has staff, be sure they understand your position and your spouse’s position in the organization. It may feel uncomfortable, but we drafted a formal job description for Danni and myself this way we can then share with our staff so they have a clear understanding of what you both do in the business.

2.Remember How You Spoke to Each Other On Your First Date

We all fire off emails and text messages hurriedly to each other throughout the day. Pressed for time, we sometimes omit the friendly “thank you” we may otherwise include in a more formal letter (the type of brevity we wouldn’t dare to use with a new client, for example). But, as damaging as it can be to send a rushed email void of any polite, warm pleasantries to a new client, it is even more damaging to a marriage to get accustomed to sending emotionally cold emails or texts back and forth. It could cost you ten more seconds, but ensuring your communication is just a few degrees warmer when conversing with your husband or wife can serve to remind both of you that you are marriage partners first and business partners second.

3.Pillow Talk

We like to Create rules about when “business talk” is off limits. We learnt that a good starting point for us would be to ban business discussion just before we sleep and during family dinners this took time and lot of trail and error.

4.The Rewards

There are armies of people just waiting to talk you out of going into business with your spouse; and, the statistics for successful marriages and viability of new businesses would be on their side. So, why bother in the first place?

Going into business with your spouse does mean that you would bear all the risk without the benefit of spreading this risk across a group of outside-of-the-household partners, but the flip side is that it also means that 100 percent of the business profits funnel into just one household. As nice as it may be not having to divvy up profits with external partners, the greater reward could actually be found on the marriage side of the equation. When you work with your husband or wife, you have unique firsthand knowledge of the daily challenges (or triumphs) they face both in the workplace as well as in the home.

Like us If approached the right way, this unique all-encompassing partnership in marriage, parenting, business, and beyond has forged a powerful bond that has made Danni and I very effective in each of our roles as husband, wife, mom, dad, and business owner’s.