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Its amazes me to see how many so called fitness guru’s are out there giving advice on how to train and how they hook people into there offerings based on there social media following(with no formal qualifications).

I have seen first hand the damage a unqualified PT can give to there client. Even if they claim that they have a certification , it’s fair to want to see it for yourself. 

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If your searching online for a Personal Trainer check out industry bodies like Fitness Australia Fitness Australia’s Quality Assurance Employment program provide businesses with the confidence and guarantee that their exercise professionals and employees are following industry best practice, protocols and guidelines. 

For exercise professionals and employees, it provides them with industry credibility, ongoing support and access to continued learning.

so you can make sure your personal trainer holds the right certification for the job. Providing a search for licensed trainers is a great way to help both consumers and trainers connect.

As part of your onbarding why not ask your trainer for there certifcations look for at least a level 3 . In addition to learning about whether they’re certified, its also a great way to also learn a little bit about what motivates them to work with clients and learn about their experience in the industry.

I am registered with Fitness Australia you can check out my credentials here

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My name is Fred Liberatore and I’m a Body Transformation Expert at REALfit, located in East Malvern in Victoria. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer, look no further. The REALfit team will train you hard while you slim down and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle here’s proof, click here to view our Success stories.

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