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how to loose fat off your arse !

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how to loose fat off your arse !

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So, I often get asked Fred which strength exercises will shape and tone my legs and  butt faster?

Here are my recommendations for your glutes and leg strength workouts:

1. Don’t do too many machine movements as machines stabilize your body for you and limit your range of motion. Your core muscles are also minimally activated with machine exercises. Machine weight exercises are best for beginners or those doing rehabilitation or as a finisher to a greulling leg workout .

2. Stand up exercises are more intense than sit down exercises such as lunges squats and kettle bells as you will be recriuting more muscles and therefore burnng more fat.

3. One-leg exercises are more intense than two-legged exercises providing your trainer knows how to incorporate the excercises.

Hannah created this butt with hard work and following the Realfit Training Principals

4.Do leg and Butt training on a regular basis I  recommend 2 times per week for twice the results in half the time you can separate the quads and glutes on different days as well

5. Incorporate bodyweight, dumbbell, medicine ball and barbell and dumbbell as well as kettle bell and swissball exercises in your routines for the killer burn.

6. Keep your reps high nothing wrong with plus 20-30 reps and doing drop sets ideally workouts should be intense and last around 45 minutes and if your not sweating swearing or smiling your not working hard enough.

7. Don’t underestimate high rep bodyweight exercises(especially when it comes to glutes). Many people think that you must lift heavy weights to grow and shape your leg and but muscles. That is simply not true.Your body weight provides adequate resistance to help you build muscle and burn fat on your lower body. Plus, lifting heavy weights will take a toll on your joints.

8.cardio low impact treadmill with an incline set on 10 and speed 5 st least 4 times a week for no less than 45 minutes

9.get a personal trainer as they will often pick up bad habits and correct them and of course will keep you accountable and provide great tips

10.Eat clean and look at taking supplements-again on the recommendation of your trainer he/she will guide you accordingly

Go and work your butt off !

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