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How To Keep Your Fitness Goals Alive During Winter?

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how to stay active in the winter

How To Keep Your Fitness Goals Alive During Winter?

Keeping fit during the winter period sucks! Especially If you live in Melbourne the rain, the darkness, and all the challenges, we face getting up just out of bed is enough to pull the blankets over our head and hibernate for winter.

The reality is your fitness facility is a place whereby come rain hail or shine you can still workout. I have put together a few tips on how you can beat off winter with these simple tips.

1) Train in a small group of likeminded individuals

When you commit to a group class, you are committing to other likeminded individuals that share the same goals as you and are also on the quest to be a better version of themselves besides it can be a little embarrassing if you do not turn up knowing that there is a small group waiting.

2) Train with a Personal trainer 1 on 1

Knowing that you have committed financially is a way for you to jump out of bed ready and eager to go and besides that Trainer has allocated a spot for you, so his time is just as important as yours.

3) Bring a buddy and workout

Training with a partner is also a good way to stay accountable you can take turns picking each other up from your home that way you need to be present.

4) Overcoming obstacles such as an injury

I’ve seen people come in with past injuries holding them back and whist some injuries need rest there are others that require corrective training and that is where a Trainer can critique and provide you valuable feedback especially on a one-to-one basis.

A good trainer will also re-visit your goals with you and discuss other areas such as nutrition (think soups) and mindset and how to best handle a blowout.

I remember reading about how summer bodies are made in winter and that holds true especially today more than ever, you see good things come to people who work there butt off and life gives you no shortcuts especially if the goal is to lose unwanted body fat, you need to catapult your fitness campaign by staying sane and in shape and by following the tips as mentioned above.

Your goals should incorporate the SMART principle by following these steps.

  • Specific …. Get crystal clear on the outcome
  • Measurable…Have you given yourself a deadline it is a great way to stay accountable 
  • Achievable…Your trainer is there to help be honest and have an open line of communication
  • Results based. That self-explanatory 
  • Time. That is the silent thief that robs us each day so do not put off and seek perfection especially when it comes to your nutrition (it doesn’t exist)

I interviewed one of my clients, Richard in his preparation for his competition (which he needed to diet down during the winter months and here is what he said)

Fred: So, Richard you dieted down for 14 weeks, and it was through winter how did you cope with the season.

Richard: I found that difficult initially especially going for walks early in the morning (then as you suggested walk in the gym) away from the elements which I do I and had no issues, listening to my favourite tunes it just became another good daily habit.

Fred: What about weight training were you afraid that you could have injuries training in winter

Richard: No, I recall you said to be sure to stretch and get on the foam roller 5 minutes before the session and although we did a lot of compound and kettle bell work you ensuring my technique was on point made all the difference I remember you said stimulate don’t annihilate and for me that was the prompt I needed.

Fred: What about nutrition during winter we all seek comfort foods how did you get around that

Richard: I went through your recipe book and had no issue with the food it also helped that my partner was eating healthy I loved the detox soup and the frittata so delicious.

Fred: What about mindset, we all failed in one capacity, or another be it with a burger or not showing up to train or having the glass of red.

Richard: Yes, I recall we talked about that and for me it was if I failed and I did a few times as you know, I would also be letting you down and that eat up at me (pardon the pun)

Fred: Haha pun accepted on the of red’s what about going out, we all have a life outside f training and some of us have partners how did you cope when it was time to eat out

Richard: That hack you taught me to have a chat to the chef and not look at the menu or order bread was the game changer, yes we would eat at the places that we knew but having a bowl of lean green’s with my favourite fish dish and a soup for entrée with sharing a desert(2 spoons)was good and besides I didn’t feel lethargic or bloated as you would leaving a restaurant and on the subject of alcohol I switched up the wine to spirits as I recall you saying it had less calories so it was a tequila with fresh lime juice which was only 200 calories or as you would say the equivalent of 20 minutes of low impact cardio, and yes I stopped at one ok maybe 2 but that was it  

Fred: So, what is the takeaway advice you would give someone reading this blog when it comes to training over the winter period.

Richard: People might look at me and think yea his young and gifted and it’s ok for him, Stop that crap and don’t compare yourself to others know that there is this invisible energy that is like an alarm clock for your body that gets you going each day(it certainly did for me) also having your support Fred was the real deal especially when we would what’s app each other on the non-training das and you would give me feedback on what to do and what not to do.

Fred: Thanks Richard awesome mate!

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