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How to choose the right Personal Trainer for you !

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How to choose the right Personal Trainer for you !

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If your like most people you have most likely looked at starting to raise your standards as 2014 is already with us it could be a long term goal you have been looking at and now you know a system can actually work,what better way to keep you accountable than committing to  a great Personal Trainer someone you can share your journey with.
Being a master coach and in the game for over 30 years I can tell you it’s something you don’t want to guess.
I believe Choosing a great PT can be a bit like choosing a Life partner.It’s important that you click with them, enjoy spending lots of time with them and share the same goal – ie,your fitness. If you’re going to be investing your time
and money into this long-term commitment, it’s important that you shop around thoroughly before settling for the right one.
Here are some very important factors to take into consideration:
If you click with someone initially this is a fairly good indicator that you will work well together. If, after a few meetings, you feel as though there is something not right, this isn’t the person for you. You will be spending a good amount of time with your PT so having a good working relationship will be important for you to want to attend your sessions.
your personal programme A “client-centered” programme is one of the most important features you can look for when shopping around. This means that the PT will do their utmost to assess your current fitness condition, and formulate a programme exclusively for your needs. A good PT with a client-centered programme will:
• offer a lifestyle assessment all about you andoffer you a first free session with no strings attached
• have you fill out a PAR-Q form (Pre-participation questionnaire)
• ask you about specific goals and discuss how best to attain them
• do fitness and lifestyle tests with you, eg stretching and mobility range of movement
• ask you what activities you like or dislike. Are they then making you do activities you dislike? This will not help you to
adhere to a programme
• offer to set up programmes for you when you are away from the gym or on holiday/business trips
• look at you as a whole person; eg, lifestyle,genetics, foods and exercise
• offer to speak with other practitioners in your life, such as your physiotherapist, GP, osteopath, massage therapist, etc
• communicate well with you and show up on time location
 A good place to start is on the search engines such as Google and checking for local key words such as personal trainer prahran also check out there facebook page along with Google plus or directories whereby they often have reviews and real life results.
Tertiary education is probably the most important box to tick. A PT with a sports science or physical education degree means you have someone with advanced training in anatomy, physiology and other human studies essential for creating a safe and effective programme. Having said this, there are many great trainers who have taken other forms of professional qualifications.
Professional qualifications are shorter-term courses than tertiary education degrees. If you choose a trainer with this type of background, ensure the qualifications are the equivalent. Professional qualifications can come from around the world.
walk the talk
to often is see personal trainers out of shape and lazy by no means they don’t have to be competitive athletes but you want a trainer that can display a physique you adhere to.
Life experience
I often see young trainers  no having the life experience to help there clients especially where the mind is involved and road blocks sure they need to be honest and upfront with the client but they also need to offer a solution for the client and be upfront and honest the client will thanks them in the long run.
Ask about prices before you start, and make sure you’re comfortable with what’s on offer. If you can only buy 30
sessions up front and there are no other choices, you may want to look elsewhere. If they offer you different packages to suit your needs then they are offering a good service. Overall, you want someone with strong qualifications, a
personality that works well with yours, a convenient location and an affordable cost scheme. If you choose carefully and
know exactly what to look for, you and your PT can achieve excellent results, together.
Which personal trainer?
get it wrong and you could be pouring your money down the  drain. but get it right, and this could be your most productive relationship yet
Realfit have a team of top personal trainers with your best interest at hand click here to enquire about the services and packages
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