We get it You want a strong, defined abdomen to power you through workouts and to look great naked.

That’s where the simple  toe-touching exercise comes in. It works the middle and upper region of your ab muscles. Although it alone won’t give you a six-pack, it does work the muscle responsible for that cut look.

Use the exercise as part of a comprehensive core-building workout, which contributes to better sports performance, daily function and defined abs.

Tony performs the toe touch under Chris Guidance


The toe touch looks simple enough, and it is. But, attention to form is critical to keep your back healthy and to make the move as effective as possible. Engage your abs as you crunch up and down with control to get the most out of the move and add a kettle bell for variation but be sure to keep your form under control and if in doubt consult a PT.

Enjoy the move and remember to laugh with health

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