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How this Mother of 4 weaves her magic !

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How this Mother of 4 weaves her magic !

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Every now and then a special someone comes into your life and this someone is the incredible Rachael, she is quickly closing the gap on her quest to her first show the INBA all Female classic in June. As I coach and train her in the lead up to her first show I often get asked , Fred what can I do when there seems to be no hope? I say simply “You can keep going”. Rachael is living proof oh but Fred I have no time,well again I direct them to Rachael as an example a busy Mum of 4 kids …she is smart about managing her time and of course weaves magic for her quest to get on stage. So what’s the best option when you feel like giving up? The best option is to keep going just like Rachael she has accomplished more than most have on this very short period of time .

I knew the solution to my ” Problem” involved eating healthy, and exercising….but I just couldn’t stick with it. Having Fred as my personal trainer (who truly cared about me and my success) made all the difference in the world!

We at Realfit  truly believe that our products and coaching services are the very best on the market, but success requires commitment and effort

4th May    (Before)   62kg                                                   4th June Current 55kgs

Though yes it can be easy to give up, remember this. When you’re at the point of giving up, you’re also at the point where maximum value can be created and that’s what Rachael has created .

So Bottom line is that if you feel like giving up, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing to push forward. Keep going, for the reward is closer with every step you take and “Rachael clearly keeps herself in a position of power by choosing to feel the positive influence and effectiveness that she know’s is hers and adopt’s the thoughts, feelings and actions of success, and it will indeed bring success to life.”

Will keep you updated with Rachael progress as she steps on stage for her Debut in the INBA ‘All Female Classic’ now doubt she will be amazing

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