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How these 2 Deceptive Food Labels Have Tricked Us All (and led to tremendous weight gain)

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How these 2 Deceptive Food Labels Have Tricked Us All (and led to tremendous weight gain)

Two Deceptive Sugar Labels

As you know, sugar is one of the WORST ingredients for fat loss.

In fact, it does the exact opposite – it encourages fat gain.

Why?  When you ingest sugar, you have a sharp increase in your blood sugar.  And this spike creates an equal spike in your insulin levels.

Although helpful for shuttling nutrients into your cells, insulin is considered to be the fat-storing hormone.

Insulin tends to shuttle most extra sugar (the stuff your body doesn’t use) into your fat cells where it is stored for later.

So, you see, too much sugar leads to FAT GAIN.  Not good if you’re looking for a lean and mean fat-fighting body!

Now, you may think you aren’t eating too much sugar.  But, think again! You probably ARE!

James was able to banish his sugar cravings with our help 
Here are 2  deceptive label names for your most common sweet ingredient:

1. Fruit Juice Concentrate

This common ingredient may be found in most fruit juices, candy bars, fruit bars, and other common foods.  It is used to sweeten your foods without being labeled “sugar.”

Fruit juice concentrate is made when you remove water from fruit juice.  And the product left after removing all that water is sugar.

2. Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Although this name looks healthy, it is not!  Organic brown rice syrup is nothing more than sugar in disguise.

This ingredient is common in a lot of products including energy and cereal bars.

And to top it all off: Products that contain this ingredient may have higher levels of arsenic in them.

Read Your Labels

Sugar could single-handedly destroy your fat loss results.

It spikes the fat-promoting hormone, insulin, which could lead to excess sugar being stored as fat.

But, if you’re one who looks at your labels just for the word SUGAR, you may be still getting excess sugar in your diet.

In order to limit your intake of excess sugar, you should be avoiding the ingredients listed above, as well as many others, in order to cut out deceptive ingredients that boost your sugar intake.

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