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How My Mum is Defying Her Age and Going Strong At 91

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How My Mum is Defying Her Age and Going Strong At 91

This post would not be complete without mentioning my mum. She is a wonderful example of what it means not to allow age to define you, and that your attitude determines your altitude! At the time of writing this blog, she is 91 years young, and she continues to inspire and motivate me every day.

As Mum’s ‘unofficial’ personal trainer, when I go visit, we don’t just eat her favourite minestrone soup, I make sure she trains! It could be something as simple as a toe touch or hip thrusts, followed with a foam roller stretch and then on her stationary bike for 30 minutes – that’s where you’ll find her every day at 3 pm. Did you know she also stars in my videos?

I have clients of all ages. My mum taught me to keep a positive spirit and lead by example, especially during tougher times she was and still is, inspiring. Always showing courage and reminding us of all the importance of staying connected to family. No matter where my path took me, I knew I always had my mum to lean on.

As far back as I can remember my mum was fearless, always willing to try new things and venture into unknown territory. She was never one to hold a grudge or play the victim, and always looked to create a better future, making brave changes, and teaching us the importance of quality in life. Always enthusiastic, never hesitating to be her best, and show us that it is important to aim for what we want in life, but also that we must try again if we fail.

I don’t think I would have had the courage to pursue my dreams without my mum’s strength and support throughout my life. I’d also like to pay homage to my dearly departed father who provided me with everything I need in my life through his love, support, and wisdom. To his day I have never met a gentler soul and wiser man. You live in my heart every day and I’ll never forget the words of wisdom you offered in all parts of my life whether it was about sport, fitness, my career, or everyday situations. You listened and then gave great advice – thank you Pa.


There are lots of so-called secrets to longevity and maintaining a healthy older age. I think you know me well enough by now to guess that my tips are very simple. Just as Mum taught me growing up, being positive and not sweating the small stuff is important.

Nowadays the physical effects of stress have become well-known facts. Meditation and learn How to meditate with these easy steps – YouTube and a strong mindset help you handle those challenging situations in life, so you don’t internalise the stress.

Having a goal to work towards in life keeps you motivated, full of purpose and keeps that spark in your eye, it doesn’t have to be a fitness goal, whatever you are passionate about. Something as simple as being grateful for your family and friends each day can provide a great support for you to be courageous and follow that dream.

Another simple ‘secret’ to ageing gracefully is to eat as close to nature as possible. Think back to before the onslaught of processed food, ask yourself could your grandparents have eaten it? In most cases the answer is no, so stick with real food that has been part of a healthy diet for generations. Remember don’t over consume, another by-product of the modern world and detrimental to our health.

A final and somewhat harsh truth is that drinking alcohol speeds up the aging process. It makes you age, put on weight and makes your body acidic. Perhaps a glass of vino rosso to celebrate something special, but generally, I suggest keeping alcohol to a minimum so you can celebrate many more milestones.


If I was a betting man right now my guess, is you are probably feeling like you have been drinking from a fire hose, and I totally get that overwhelm. The concepts I have outlined have taken me many decades to formulate (through that good old testing and measuring technique).

I wish I had something like this when I got started because I know it’s not easy to power past those speed bumps that pop up in life. Here are the steps you can take right now:

  1. Become very clear about your ‘why’ and what outcome you want the program to deliver to you, as I want you to enjoy the journey and have fun on the way (remember the Smile part in my title). I can help you prepare your ‘how’.
  2. Visit Lean Muscle – YouTube where I have recorded a tonne of videos explaining how to do specific exercises.
  3. Get involved and hangout in my leanmuscle enthusiasts🔥 | Facebook  where you’ll find videos full of information and a great community of like-minded and supportive people who are on the same mission to be a healthier and leaner version of themselves. You may find your support buddy here   leanmuscle enthusiasts🔥 | Facebook
  4. See food more as nutritional than recreational and know you can have a balance by remembering the 80/20 rule.
  5. Meditation has really changed my life, so get up earlier, sit in silence, acknowledge your day ahead and just let go; the universe has bigger plans for us all!
  6. Do not see resistance training as a chore; instead see it as a reward for your body. We know the science is there to back it up and think of how great you feel after a workout and how it sets up your day for positivity and productivity.
  7. Be a belief system detective – test and measure before fobbing an idea off. Have an open and curious mind, and that invincible force will propel you to success.
  8. Know that real change begins with YOU and your ‘why’. Your message can also change other people’s lives, so own it, use it, and share it. You just might empower someone else who will pay it forward too.
  9. Purchase and Download Book Sweat Swear Smile by Personal Trainer Fred Liberatore or tear out the page and complete your why before putting it on your fridge or your bathroom mirror (wherever you can see it daily) to revisit your goals every day for motivation.
  10. Know I’m here for you – if you have a question connect with me on the leanmuscle enthusiasts🔥 | Facebook Group or  where your question asked not only helps you, but another on their fitness journey.