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How I Gained Lean Muscle in 12 weeks !

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How I Gained Lean Muscle in 12 weeks !

For me as a seasoned Personal Trainer this 12 week challenge is all about sharing my journey and making it as easy as possible for you to succeed. As a personal trainer and business owner my time is valuable so i wanted to think about  the most user-friendly program ever for me !

In 12 weeks (see pic) and pretty happy with my progress some of the things i have identified is in the why,what and how unless you magnify that the desire fades and therefore the goal.

For me its getting in great shape for my 53rd birthday i for me the trick in gaining lean muscle without fat gain is to select a small calorie surplus.

Overeating, even on clean, bodybuilding foods is going to make you gain fat along with the muscle.

Gaining fat and muscle weight at the same time is commonly known as “bulking up” and that’s the old school approach to building muscle. I don’t want to do that.

The whole idea is to Feed The Muscle and build lean body mass only.

A typical male maintains on about 2700 calories per day and a typical female at about 2100 calories, but it’s good to plug your stats into the formulas to individualise, and you need to re calibrate calories anyways, after you come off a long fat loss phase.

What I would recommend for lean gains is to add a 10-15% calorie surplus on top of your maintenance level as your starting point. You will probably need a second increase in calories after a few months or after you’ve begun to add some lean mass in order to keep the lean gains coming.

The only other major adjustments for gaining lean mass would be the protein-carb-fat ratios and of course, the amount of cardio.

Weight gain programs require more carbs in the macro nutrient mix and less cardio. Endomorph types may need to keep 3 days of cardio in the mix to avoid losing their abs. In some cases for ectomorph “hard-gainer” body types, they should cut the cardio completely during the muscle gain phase.

For the endomorph body type who tends to gain fat easily, I recommend continuing to use a carb or calorie cycling method even for the muscle gaining phase. The difference is in the number of calories.

For fat loss, I typically recommend a carb cycle with a 20-30% caloric deficit for 3 days, followed by one full day at maintenance or even maintenance + 5-10%, with ALL the caloric increase coming from carbs.

For lean muscle gain without fat gain, I’d recommend a cycle with 3 days at a 15% surplus, followed by 3 days at maintenance or a small caloric deficit of 5-10% below maintenance. These are just guidelines. They are not written in stone. I have seen all types of calorie cycling variations work for different people.

Any non-linear calorie approach is superior, in my opinion, for keeping the gains lean keep a lookout for my next blog and remember to always 

laugh with health