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Helen’s Success Story

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Helen’s Success Story



I met Fred 6 weeks ago at which I was going to see him about the healthy Meals he carries…we chatted about the meals and I mentioned I’d like to drop 5 kgs before Xmas (I had 6 weeks in which I though was doeable)…his response was “why not drop 8 ?”…it was from that moment I knew I was going to train with him..I had no intentions of employing a trainer at that time however he believed I could do it which in turn made me believe it. For a moment I dreamt of how great that were to be if it happened but deep down I did question whether I could do it… Our personalities clicked immediately, but then again, Fred is so easy going and likeable I believe everybody would feel the same upon meeting him.

Within a week he was training me…during that time I did my own research on him, his credibility, over 20yrs experience in the industry and what others had to say about him were no short of the best…Fred is the most professional, caring, motivating trainer I know…his dedication and belief in me has been 110% and I have loved every session we have trained together. I walk away from every session wondering how I just did what I did… You maybe wondering about the 8kg’s he promised??…I dropped 9kg’s, changed my body shape and found myself again…we have new goals set for 2013 and I know with Fred by my side, I will smash those goals ! In my eyes..Fred is the best trainer in the world !

Fred brings out the best in me in 6 weeks I lost 9kgs!

How do you write a testimonial for someone that is utterly the BEST ?!