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A little extra effort will go a long, long way. When you’ve already done what must be done, go ahead and do just a little bit more.

Once you’ve established some good, solid momentum, make full use of it. When you’re in the mode of accomplishment, keep on cranking out those accomplishments.Just like my client Matt in his conquest to step up on stage for his first Natural Show

Beyond your original goal is the opportunity to raise your performance to a higher level. With a little extra effort you can get a lot of extra rewards.

Just an extra one percent can make the difference between being the best and being the same as all the rest. So every time you get the opportunity, give that extra one percent.

Persistent effort will get you almost there, and a little extra effort will carry you over the top. Once you think you’ve done all you can, find a way to do a little more.

Rather than focusing on how little you can get away with, give your attention to how much you can accomplish. Build on top of what you’ve already created and the results will be spectacular Matt is living proof of this .


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