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It’s natural to lose faith in losing weight if you’ve tried in the past and had little to no success, or perhaps lost weight and then regained it back.

As a seasoned Personal Trainer my advice is “Don’t be discouraged…I have seen many people experiment with several weight loss plans before they find an approach that works for them”

So I have put together some strategies to boost your weight loss  

  • Think of losing weight as a positive experience, not a negative one.
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself. Focus on behavioral changes and don’t focus too much on weight changes.
  • Use problem-solving techniques. I have my clients write down the obstacles that they experience in previous attempts to lose weight, and then I come up with strategies for dealing with those obstacles.
  • Make small, not drastic, changes to your lifestyle.
  • Accept the fact that you’ll have setbacks. Believe in yourself. Instead of giving up entirely, simply start fresh the next day.
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If you eat when you’re stressed, depressed or bored…
Emotional overeating seems an easy solution for when you’re feeling weak and in need of serious comfort. However, food isn’t the long-term solution, and can even cause you more duress when you start to pack on the kilo’s or your clothes start to feel snug.

Strategies to help keep food unrelated to your mood:

  • Try to distract yourself from eating by calling a friend to perhaps go training with. When you can focus your mind on something else, the food cravings will quickly go away.
  • Don’t keep comfort foods in the house. If you turn to high-fat, high-calorie foods whenever you’re upset or depressed, make an effort to get rid of them.
  • Identify your mood. Often the urge to eat can be attributed to a specific mood and not to physical hunger. If you aren’t truly hungry, resist food and do something else instead.
  • When you feel down, make an attempt to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, write down all of the positive qualities about yourself and what you plan to achieve by losing weight.

If eating is a spectator sport for you…
For many people, food and television or food and entertainment of any kind go hand in hand. “There’s nothing inherently wrong with eating while watching a show, film or live event, but when you’re distracted, you tend to eat mindlessly — which typically translates into eating more than you intended to eat,”

Strategies to eat mindfully and munch less:

  • If you’re at the movies bring a light snack with you for me almomds do the trick.
  • Eat something healthy before you leave home so that you’re not extremely hungry when you arrive.
  • Drink Green Tea Tx 100  with water instead of having a snack.
  • Try to reduce the amount of time that you spend watching television each day.

If you eat too much at parties and celebrations…
Finding party foods hard to resist isn’t uncommon. They are typically foods you don’t make for yourself and they are always presented in such a way you can’t help but want to try every single one. The key, however, isn’t to forgo festive gatherings. Instead, treat yourself to just a few of the most appealing eats.

If you’re a late-night snacker…
The habit of eating late at night may be a tough one to break, but it can be one of the biggest barriers to your weight loss efforts because you fill up on calories that don’t get burned off while you’re snug in your bed sleeping.

Combining sensible eating ,training and cardio and consuming Green Tea Tx 100 gives Sarah that edge

Strategies to battle the late night munchies:

  • Make sure you eat three good meals during the day, including a good breakfast. This will help reduce the urge to snack late at night, simply because you won’t be so hungry.
  • Use supplement’s such as Body Science Green Tea Tx 100 it is a natural potent source of polyphenols, which possess outstanding anti-oxidant properties, helping to protect cells against free radial mediated damage
  • Don’t keep snack foods around the house that may tempt you. If you get late-night munchies, eat fruits, vegetables or other healthy snacks.
  • Find something else to keep you busy in the hours before bedtime, such as listening to music or exercising.

If you have a setback and want to give up…
Eat a half a tub of ice cream after a stressful day at work? Hit the drive-thru for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you didn’t pack any food before you left the house? Wake up to a three-kilo weight gain? All of these events can make you feel like kicking your diet plan to the curb. However, rest assured, lapses are a normal part of losing weight for everyone. When you lapse, don’t give up; just get back on track.

Strategies to prevent a lapse from becoming a collapse:

  • Convince yourself that lapses happen and that every day is a fresh opportunity to start over again.
  • Guilt from the initial lapse often leads to more lapses. Being prepared for them and having a plan to deal with them is important to your success.
  • Keep your response simple. Focus on the things that you know you can do and stick with them. Gradually add more healthy changes until you’re back on track.
  • Open up an old food record and follow it. Use those meals like a menu to help get you back to a healthy eating routine.
  • Get a Trainer to keep you accountable and has a proven track record with success stories




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