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Get over your fear

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Get over your fear

I learnt a long time ago the way to get beyond your fear is to go right through it. Do the thing you fear and the fear loses its control over you.

Fear can help you to assess the risk and prepare for all kinds of challenging situations. But the purpose of fear is not to stop you.

Some fears like going into your very first Bodybuilding competition and these are entirely justified ,while others are just plain silly.

Yet no matter how valid the fear may be, there is never any reason for it to control you.

I learnt to become fearless over the years when stepping on stage

Certainly it is important to look carefully before you move forward. And it is just as important that, after sufficient due diligence and preparation, you do indeed move forward.

Confidence, ability, strength and success are not built by seeking refuge in what is already comfortable and familiar. They are built by venturing out into unknown territory, prepared for the challenges and determined to do whatever is necessary.

First let the fear sharpen your awareness, and then let it inspire you to act. On the other side of fear is the achievement you seek.

In health always