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Front and centre

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Front and centre

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If your quads are lagging give them a dose of good, old -fashioned front squats

With Front squats no forward motion is possible because the barbell rests across our front Delts and upper chest, you’re forced to keep your torso upright and this positioning places significantly more emphasis on your quads and much less on your glutes and hamstrings compared to traditional back squats. Therefore, if quads are a weakness, the front squat is a great move for you. If you’re not confident with a barbell you can always opt for kettle bell and work your way from there.

Form meets function

Its best to perform the front squat by holding a bar across the front of your shoulders and upper chest and to control the bar lift your arms, cross your hands and hold the bar close to your neck. In this position, you must try to keep your body upright to maintain your balance during the movement and once the bar is in place squat down in a controlled manner until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then explode back up to the staring position by extending your knees and hip and keeping your chest upright.

It’s important to warm up carefully before doing the front squats as it places stress on your knees ( I opt for some light leg extensions beforehand, I know why most bodybuilders don’t do front squats because it’s such a hard movement.

So give it a go for your next leg workout and happy squatting.