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When your reason for doing so is meaningful enough, you can bear any burden and prevail through any challenge. When you know why, you’ll have what it takes to work through how just like Jordi who really transformed her body.

Jordi is very clear about her why’s

Before she began  endeavour to step on stage ,she took time to be completely clear with herself about the reason why with the help of Hayley (our personal trainer)who specialises is preparing males and females to be stage ready !

So Whether you seek to motivate yourself or others, a fundamental, essential part of that motivation is knowing why. Without a reason, all the abilities, opportunities, efforts and resources in the world will yield nothing of any value.

For Jordi it was up purpose that makes possibilities come to life. “Keep reminding yourself why, in rich and colorful detail, and you will find a way to do whatever you intend to do says Jordi.”

Before you even think about how to proceed, make sure you clearly know why. After that, you’ll begin moving forward faster and more reliably than you ever could have thought possible.

Congratulations Jordi you were very clear about your why’s !

So if you are not sure about the direction your heading why not contact the team at realfit




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