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Franks shed’s 11kg’s of stubborn fat in 12 weeks

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Franks shed’s 11kg’s of stubborn fat in 12 weeks

To say I was nervous getting Fred as a Master coach under my wing  was an understatement! The weights were not the problem after Fred clearly explained how his volume principle works, the food was!

I knew it was going to be a major shock to the system. I loved junk food and was never a fan of fruit or vegetables. After a few days I began to forget about my diet coke and started concentrating on healthy food and nutrition. I never realised how often you should be eating or how important portion control is and I never went hungry. Whenever I had a wobble Fred was always there with tips and recipes.(His eBook is amazing )
As for the weight-lifting I can honestly say I loved it and looked forward to going to see Fred for the long drive there each Sunday. I know I am a lot stronger, definitely fitter now and 11kg’s lighter which is a big bonus.

I am proud and also a little surprised to say I completed Fred’s realfit  program and would do it again in a heartbeat.

The program Fred put me on consisted of a range of exercise methods; you lift weights to get you lean and toned, and we combine this with a mixture of high intensity cardio scaled to your fitness level.

This melts body fat and improves your overall fitness so your body gets healthier and stronger. Your mindset improves as part of this overall health upgrade.

Over the course of the 12 weeks you will learn a lot about exercise and what’s best for your body. These skills and knowledge are priceless as you can maintain these habits for life and never have to fear walking into a gym ever again, or be unsure of what to do.

If I can go from coco pops and milk shakes for breakfast everyday to boiled eggs and spinach, anyone can!

I know this would never have been possible without all the coaching and support I received from Fred all the team at Realfit.

Thanks a million guys, ye’re the best!