Forearm strength

I Just returned from a big back workout this morning and I thought I would talk a bit about strength and in particular ways to improve your forearm strength especially where pulling moments are involved like major back muscles groups.
First lets understand the forearms anatomy the primary movers of the forearm muscles are the flexors and extensors. The muscles are used to strengthen the wrists and grip in the hands, improving your capacity for daily living through lifting bags and other objects such as barbells and dumbbells.

Obviously to get strong and well defined forearms you need to train them you can do a variety of movements such as db hammer curls which also recruit the bicep brachial muscle and barbell and dumbbell wrist curls both forward and reverse.TIP what I like to do is train my forearms on there own be it after a back or shoulder workout rep range can vary depending on your level of training as a rule between 12/20 reps 3 sets I also like to reduce my rest period so I get that ultimate burn say 15/25 seconds between sets.
oh and one other thing when gripping bars or equipment don’t grip to hard as your forearm will take over to quickly I like to hook my fingers and that way you recruit more of the larger muscle group,also I like to occasionally use straps but only if I am lifting really heavy as you don’t want to rely to much on straps all the time,best to go lighter if the bar is constantly slipping(deadlift is a good example)
also one last HOT tip Static hangs on a bar is a great way to improve the strength of your forearms. Hang until your muscles absolutely fail – Note: I didn’t say “hang until you can’t stand it”. When your muscles fail, you literally peel off the bar through lack of ability to hold a second longer without giving up. You must give it your most intense effort to hang on. Once you “peel” off the bar, shake out for 5 minutes. Then get back on and do it 3 more times. Do at least three sets. This will quickly improve your forearm strength. Since you are working until failure, it will also improve your endurance

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